324 Years Old

166 cm





Zia is a manifestation of an outsider, someone who does not fit in, someone who is different, someone who does not belong. In modern society’s context, Zia is a metaphor for someone who is alienated and discriminated by society because of her differences, it can be her race, sexuality, physical capabilities or mental capabilities. In today’s world, we have what is normal, and what isn’t normal, Zia is what isn’t normal, this causes her to stand out for the wrong reason, but is it really wrong to stand out for being yourself ?

Zia is a loving being, she cares for people around her, when she loves someone or something, she loves them hard. She is willing to give up anything to make sure they are happy. Zia is selfless, brave, and cautious at the same time. She was not given a lot of love on planet Zylon, so when she receives love on planet Earth, she is a little taken back. Though love is a new concept for Zia, she may not fully understand love, but she can feel it. With love and connection, will this alien be able to fight discrimination and achieve her goal?




Zia is a being from planet Zylon. A planet where everyone is equal, similar, and oppressed. No one is celebrated for who they are, and the Zyloners are taught not to question their identities or capabilities. They have everything, what more do they need?

Well, not Zia. Zia needs to know who she really is, what she can do, she yearns to discover her identity and belong to a society that celebrates individuality. Zia came to planet Earth in search of that, but is quickly misguided by the overwhelm surroundings to fit in. This causes Zia to have a misconception of who she is.

But at her core, Zia is someone who fear rejections as she was rejected by Zyloners. Being an alien, she is perceived as a dark entity, someone who is mysterious but if we get to discover who she really is, she might not be as mysterious as we thought.