341 Years Old



Gang Leader

Heaven’s Marina, Emoyrean


Sarah is the story antagonist and she is a representation of xenophobia (fear of outsiders). Sarah, also known as Zara, is a runway from planet Zylon just like Zia. She has similar motivation coming to planet Earth like Zia, but her solutions are very different. Zara came to planet Earth in search of her individuality and respect but was quickly overwhelmed by the discriminations she received from people in the city of Xenopholis.

Her solution is to changer her identity completely. She changed so much that she has a misconception of her identity, and because of the amount of hate she received from people of Xenopholis and the stress fearing of going back to Zylon, she unleash her anger on people who are different, people who don’t belong in Xenopholis.



“Hurt people hurt people” is a simple sentence which describe Zara. She changed her name to hide her true identity to Sarah and started misleading people who have the desire to fit in Xenopholis that she can help them fit in. But in actuality, she operates on these poor people, and turn them into her experiment toys. She gained power in Empyrean by hurting and scaring powerful figures into giving her money and power. Her ego grew larger and larger till she met a stranger name Zia.

Learning that Zia is from planet Zylon like she did, will this cause Sarah to stop whatever she is doing and try to become a better being or will something else happens to Sarah?