38 Years Old

178 cm


Mechanical Surgeon

Old Downtown, Ataxia


Doctor Allen is born and raised in Empyrean, the upper part of the city of Xenopholis. He was born into a wealthy family and he has had a cushy life. Went to medical school and became a mechanical surgeon. When Doctor Allen was living in Empyrean, he does cosmetic surgery for wealthy patients who desire to be “perfect” through body mechanical enhancement. He was married to his husband and adopted a child together.

However, one day while doctor Allen was waiting for his husband and his child to go for dinner, the two was hit by a car. Doctor Allen could not safe them and they died. The driver was not prosecuted as she is a daughter of a tycoon, and since the city of Xenopholis is built on injustice and corruption, this woman got away with it. Doctor Allen vouch to help anyone who may suffer from similar tragic experience as him and moved to Ataxia and set up his clinic to help the less fortunate people.




Doctor Allen is an intelligent man who has gone through sorrow and does not wish that upon others. The relationship between him and Nurse V proves that the people from two parts of this city can come together and make a difference. He is willing to do whatever he can so that he can make the city a better place or a more bearable place to survive.

Doctor Allen represents someone who was a part of the elites but throw it all away because he believes in his morals and ethics. He became an outsider by choice.