Welcome to the City of Xenopholis! A city full of naive dreamers, hardworking citizens, and evil. The core of this city is corruption, injustice, and discrimination. People with money and power will live a better life than those without. The city is separated into two; Empyrean and Ataxia.

Initially, the name “Xenopholis” was inspired by a snake because of a river that cuts the city into half. During the economy fall in the late 2250s, the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer. The more unfortunate people were out of jobs because of the rise of robots. These robots replaced labor jobs like nannies, waitressing, security guards, maids, and factory workers. A lot of them became unemployed. Tensions started rising between the two distinct classes. The poor wanted justice so they decided to strike back by creating chaos in the city. They kidnapped privilege children, rape, and even mass murders. This threw the city into much bigger chaos. Many of them got prosecuted and given unfair punishments because law and justice were controlled by the rich and powerful, and it is very flawed.

Before the city was thrown into deeper chaos, the city implemented segregation between the two classes. Forcing the more unfortunate people to live in the lower part of the town, which is called Ataxia, and the rich live together in the upper part of the city called Empyrean. The poor then took the term “Ataxians”, and the rich are called “Empyreans”.

The Empyreans flourished under strick governing out of fear that they will turn into Ataxia. Healthcare, technology, law, education, weapons, and the military became more advanced. Residents of Empyrean live their best life, while it is the complete opposite in Ataxia. Residents are not given proper medical treatments and educations. They live in fear that one day the Empyreans will come down and get rid of them.

The City of Xenopholis may be fictional, but it is a dramatized metaphor for segregation and discrimination in today’s society. Many are keeping people who don’t belong out of an area in fear of many reasons. It may be fear of terrorism, race, ethnicity or even hate. Belonging is an essential part of the human, it helps drive the society forward, and this can be seen clearly with Empyrean.