Empyrean means the highest part of heaven; the people view this city as their heaven as they have everything they need and want. When the city was not segregated into two, Empyrean was where the wealthy elites lived in. People from Atatxia were allowed to do labor works and leave. Once the city is separated, the Empyrean had to sacrifice Santa Terra, which is located inside Ataxia, a luxurious beach getaway for the elites. The robots created replaced the Ataxians. This caused a lot of resentment within Ataxia, as many of them are out of jobs and income. Fearing the Ataxians will strike back, Empyrean turns its back on their less fortunate people and move on. With the elites in one place, Empyrean flourish in technological advancement, medical, education, and its people. However, one thing is very flawed in this city, and that’s injustice and corruption.

The foundation of this city is built on people who fear outsiders, so anyone who does not belong will not be treated like they are in “the highest part of heaven”.

Empyrean is full of tall glass buildings, anti-gravity vehicles, beautiful landscaping, and top-notch securities. Visually, this part of the city is created in brighter colors as compared to Ataxia. The colors are majority blue and in cool tones. It takes inspiration from Masamune Shirow’s manga and anime series Ghost in the Shell takes place in a (post)cyberpunk version of Earth in the near future. Empyrean is visibly taller, larger and denser as compared to Ataxia. More vehicles and robots walking around town. Typical jobs for Empyrean residents are surgeons, lawyers, politicians, scientists, actors, paint- ers, or socialite.