Ataxia is the complete opposite of Empyrean. On the map, it is visibly smaller, poor residents are crammed into this small island. This town may not be the best place to live in as many of its residents are involved in illegal money laundering, and some even do dirty work for the people of Empyrean to gain access to the high life. However, just because Ataxia may seem to be a dangerous place to live in, not everyone is terrible in Ataxia. Many hard-working people are doing their best to provide for their families and loved ones. It is not is the most conducive place to live, but it is a colorful, lively, humble place to live. This town is inspired by Iron City from Alita.

Ataxia is dark, gloomy, gritty, sandy, and dirty. Ataxia has shorter buildings, clusters of shop- houses, marketplaces, a hospital that never seem to be able to treat all their patients, and some entertainment areas. Many of the shophouses are inspired by the Singapore Peranakan shophouses but with the (post) cyberpunk twist to them. Ataxia takes on more colors for such a small space because many of its residents are outsiders. It is as if the outsiders have found each other and are now part of one dysfunctional community. The different parts of this town are in different colors but similar tones. A lot of greys, black shades of purple, green and brown. Atatxia also has Santa Terra, a once beautiful luxurious beach but is now turned into a wasteland full of trash from Empyrean. Anyone from here is also colored that way. Typical jobs in Ataxia includes prostitutes, small business owner, hacker, tech support, runners, criminals, waitresses, teachers, and even fortune tellers.