Tira is a Singapore-based graphic designer –– specializing in visual graphics + editorial design + illustrations + narrative design.  

Tira's artistic revelations are inspired by science, futuristic cyber punk world ,neon colors, and space travel. Tira is the intersection of science, art, and design.

As such, Tira's works are vibrant, electrifying, and eclectic with a touch of femininity. Her unique manipulation of colors and imagery makes her works distinct from others. Tira enjoys illustrating serious issues in a humorous, and playful approach.

Tira’s high-spirited works have led her to design an exhibition branding at the Visual Arts Centre Singapore, exhibition design for The MPA Maritime Bus, editorial design for Present Perfect & Boarder Perspective Magazine, and many more.

Tira is originally from Bangkok, Thailand and is a graduate with a BFA in Visual Communication with Honours (Distinction) at School of Arts, Design, and Media (ADM) in Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU).

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