The Outsiders is an immersive, sci-fi motion-comic tale about how social connection and love prevail over experiences of alienation, discrimination, and identity issues.

This comic uses the "escapist fiction" method to create an exhilarating story to allow the readers a temporary escape into this fantastical science fiction world. Comic is used as a medium to allow readers to read themselves into the story to immerse themselves in the narrative and the world the characters live in. The story aims to present the feeling and consequences of alienation caused by discrimination and prejudice to raise empathy for the characters and the real-world everyday victims.

The project will explore ways to master the creative-technical structure of comics by using visual narratives, fragmented grid structure and animated motion. Furthermore, explore how visuals can allow readers to construct their versions of the story to create a personal experience while driven by the central theme and plot.

This comic aims to explore and evaluate hybrid medium of animation and traditional comics illustration for a more expressive way of story telling.



This story follows the journey of an alien who escape to Earth in search of her unique identity. Her primary motivation quickly shifts to "fitting in" due to discrimination, injustice, and new cultures she is experiencing. This entity soon learns that her survival depends on "fitting in."

Along her course, she met a human-like robot child, and the two depend on one another to achieve their goals of "fitting in". The protagonists go through a series of problematic events that bring them closer. The two develop affections for each other while forced to be courageous to survive in the harsh prejudice society.